Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Services

Digital Harbour represents the recruitment expertise of our Senior Partner, Ashley Seddon. Ash offers over 20 years of commercial experience working across the technology, media and marketing sectors, helping companies of all sizes hire successfully.


Ash supports the business community via remote working methods that prevent excessive energy diverting from a client’s primary focus. Effective working relationships with key client stakeholders are formed to truly understand company dynamics. This mature and meticulous approach translates to precise talent identification and assured candidate engagement. Efficiency is derived from complete confidence in the hiring process.


Communication with talent is progressed via a multitude of different platforms including Zoom, Skype, Whereby and Meet. Candidate profiles are typically presented using Trello boards, to encourage feedback from multiple sources before client interviews commence.


Costs are kept under tight control, either via monthly retainers or freelance day rates, particularly for strategic talent acquisition projects. As an agile business we can also help with urgent hires that may require a one-off placement fee.


The following links provide more information on our services.


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Case Study



We encourage you to contact Ash directly via LinkedIn or from our site here.

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Specialist provision of recruitment services across the digital media industry.