Digital Harbour provides a wholly transparent and dedicated service for companies that are expanding. We offer talent identification, acquisition and on-boarding expertise for challenger brands and agencies that need to grow to achieve their ambitions. Our contact networks, developed over many years in the recruitment and digital media industries, guarantee a global reach for talent for every skillset.


The Recruitment Partner service gives companies the opportunity to work directly with a recruitment specialist so that close relationships can be formed. It is essential that we integrate fully into unique working cultures and understand thoroughly the vision and growth opportunities available to ensure that the right candidates are introduced and prepared appropriately. We can be on-site when necessary and also work remotely from offices in Birmingham and Redditch. Meeting / Interview space is also available in Covent Garden, London. This is a flexible service that can incorporate a certain number of days per week or month, regardless of location, and can be turned up and down as and when demand dictates. Each company requires a different solution, however the key benefits of the Partner service are here.


Digital Harbour understands that bespoke solutions are required for companies that need that crucial, top-tier appointment. Speak with us directly about this. We promise a fully mapped out, confidential and strategic campaign that will deliver a smooth transition for your new hire. More information on a retained service here.


Our experience, expertise and technology is at your disposal, so please get in touch for a confidential conversation on how we can get the right talent working for your company.


Digital Harbour is led by Ashley Seddon - click the link for his LinkedIn profile.

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Specialist provision of recruitment services across the digital media industry.