The Digital Harbour Candidate Network

A talent pool unmatched in the Digital Media market


  • As an early adopter of the networking opportunities provided by LinkedIn, Digital Harbour has developed key relationships with digital professionals at all levels and across all disciplines. Premium Recruiter subscription enables an efficient and executive engagement strategy that is able to identify the very best candidates from a pool of millions on a global scale.


  • c 5000 members within the Digital Harbour Group via LinkedIn, driving engagement with talent that is passionate about the industry.


  • Xing subscription creates a Pan-European reach to thousands of candidates looking for work in the UK


  • c1500 followers on Twitter via @DigitalRec with presence on hundreds of lists providing job advertising direct to source


  • Presences across Facebook, Pinterest, AngelList, Opportunity, Creativepool, Google+, Dock.IO, Remote


  • Access to Job Board CV databases


  • Applicant Tracking System powered by eBoss


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Specialist provision of recruitment services across the digital media industry.