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How Digital Harbour accelerated the growth of Noetic Marketing Technologies

In September 2016 Ash Seddon was briefed by Steve Barr & Matt Mills, Managing Partners of Noetic Marketing Technologies, on their strategy for growth. Although in business since 2015, the upcoming period was marked as a significant stage with ambitious plans for expansion in both London and Sri Lanka. It was crucial that hiring needs were met and having experienced mixed results from other sources, the Digital Harbour Recruitment Partner solution was of great interest.


At this time, Noetic was operating out of a suite within the Imperial Hotel, Russell Square (a significant client) with a CTO, Java Developer and freelance creative supporting the two directors. An initial 3 month contract was agreed and Digital Harbour took ownership of the recruitment process in November 2016. Three hires at Project Director, Partnerships Manager and AdOps Manager were nearing completion, with another three roles to go live with start dates to coincide with the opening of new premises early in 2017.


Since that time and running through to the start of the covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, the following roles were successfully hired with Ash as Head of Talent Acquisition.



Noetic developed to become a 40+ staffed business, operating out of two sites in London, UK and Colombo, Sri Lanka and the partnership with Digital Harbour continues.


The Recruitment Partner solution is a flexible arrangement. Noetic have utilised the services of Ash Seddon as a freelance talent acquisition specialist on day rate terms (dependent on demand, working 1 – 4 days a week) and also on a set monthly retainer, terms designed to fit with the fluctuating demands of growth. The equivalent per placement value has proved to be significantly less than a traditional recruitment agency fee.


Working as part of the team, Ash has become an ambassador for the company, offering additional support that includes mid-probation reports, visa applications (inc monthly labour checks), onboarding, retention and online community development.


Full job briefs are available to view on this page, including those that transitioned into other roles as market demands changed.


All Noetic testimonials available here, with a couple highlighted below.


Ash has made a massive contribution to Noetic. Whilst we had tried to engage the right people to join our team, we were getting it randomly right until Ash came on the scene. Ash took over all conversations with recruitment consultants, relieving me of lots of annoying calls. More importantly, he spent a lot of time with us, in and out of our office, getting to know us, how we work and therefore what kind of people would fit in best here. His hit rate has been excellent. He did all the initial interviewing and winnowing, leaving us with just the best couple of candidates each time, who have typically been excellent candidates. I love the way Ash works and would not now work any other way to recruit staff.


Steve Barr – Managing Partner


Ashley takes the stress out of the recruitment and hiring process. He takes time to understand exactly what we are looking for in a candidate, and how they would fit in to the team. As our In-House Head of Talent Acquisition Ashley had been invaluable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.


Antoine Edgcumbe – Sales Director


Noetic specialise in providing technology, insight, media and marketing expertise to the hospitality sector, encouraging direct bookings and long-term value from loyal customers. Redirect to their website here.


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