Due to increased demand for our products and services, Noetic is once again investing in Analytics with a new requirement for a Data Scientist.


This new role will complement a team already boasting Alteryx expertise and Tableau visualisation and reporting skills, so here the focus will be on statistics and predictive modelling, utilising techniques such as;


  • Tree-based models
  • Regressions
  • Time Series


You will work with our hospitality clients and be tasked with varied responsibilities for prediction such as;


  • Propensity to buy again
  • Most likely products purchased if bought again
  • Likely time to next purchase
  • Predictive customer lifetime value
  • Likelihood of becoming top tier customers


You will be client-facing if you wish, demonstrating your ability to explain conclusions and insights to company representatives in a clear and precise way. If not, that’s okay too as this role will be focused on predictive modelling and regression analytics, using R and Alteryx to maximise performance. The opportunity is also there to progress to a Head of Analytics role in the future, if that fits with your career goals.


Candidates will understand statistical theory and how to apply it in a business context. We also require experience of programming in R, especially for prediction and preferably in a marketing environment. Alteryx skills are highly desirable, however there will be the opportunity to learn how to take R programming and wrap it up into Alteryx nodes.


This is an example job brief and not currently a live vacancy.

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