Retained service for brands and agencies

This is an approach to recruitment that secures talent at a senior level - your thought leaders, disrupters, motivators, decision makers...


A Digital Harbour Client Partner will be allocated to your business and a meeting arranged on-site. This provides the opportunity of developing a deep understanding of the company culture, the role itself and the ideal candidate. A substantial job brief will be agreed to.


After sign-off, the Client Partner will then allocate exclusivity to your vacancy. Time will be spent pro-actively identifying candidates and qualifying them against the brief. During this period fully qualified candidates will be introduced to the client and interviews arranged. It is important to note that the retained period of this recruitment campaign also guarantees exclusivity to the candidate as Digital Harbour will not introduce other opportunities to them during this process.


Further to the on-going support of the recruitment campaign, after the exclusive candidate identification process is complete the Client Partner will provide market intelligence acquired during this period. This can include information on competitor companies in your catchment area, employee numbers that utilise the skills you require, details on specific candidate approaches and feedback from candidates that may have wished to remain in their current employment. This competition mapping will provide insightful recommendations to inform future talent acquisition projects.



  • Pro-active talent attraction strategy across multiple contact lists of professionals
  • Attractive retained pricing policy
  • Credible approach, promoting your business appropriately
  • One point of contact
  • Assurance of a successful track record of success


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