Executive Level Recruitment

This is an approach to recruitment that secures talent at a senior level - your thought leaders, disrupters, motivators, decision makers...


Digital Harbour understands that bespoke solutions are required for companies that need that crucial, top-tier appointment. Speak with us directly about this. We promise a fully mapped out, confidential and strategic campaign that will deliver a smooth transition for your new hire.


Important to note that our Senior Partner, Ash Seddon, has operated successfully within the recruitment sector for over 20 years and developed strong, trusting relationships with company leaders and senior management. This network of senior talent has become a valuable asset, where client partners can become the visionary new hire for your company.



  • Pro-active talent attraction strategy across multiple contact lists of professionals
  • Competition mapping
  • Flexible rate structure
  • Credible approach, promoting your business appropriately
  • One point of contact
  • Assurance of a successful track record of success


Contact us by any of the methods here for more information.

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